10+ Quick Practices While Working From Home

Digital transformation came way quicker than anticipated with the new pandemic. Most companies already started to work from home. The transformation, the working model and focusing can be hard while working from home sometimes. So we collected some tips & tricks together for people working from home.

  1. Prepare in the morning like you are going to work in the company.
  2. Dress like you are going to work. (Don’t stay in your PJs – unless it’s what makes you work proficiently)
  3. The room you will be working in should be tidy and organised. The lighting in the room must also be good. It shouldn’t give any distraction but make you focused.
  4. Do not keep your food on your desk.
  5. Put clear boundaries between work-time and house-time.
  6. Arrange the stuff in your room like in an office so you have easy access to tools.
  7. Occasionally leave all the screens and walk 150-200 meters in the house.
  8. Move in your room and do some quick sportive activities every hour and a half. 
  9. Keep a 1 liter water bottle by your side so you don’t have to go to the kitchen. 
  10. Sit and explain to people in the house (spouse, siblings, parents, anybody…) that you need to focus and shouldn’t be disrupted otherwise you won’t be able to work efficiently.
  11. Improve your remote skills (read best practices about it).
  12. Pair with your co-workers to follow-up tasks easily.
  13. Try to find your best hours and make them your focus time.
  14. Do not quit from your daily stand-ups if you are following agile methodology

Bonus: Don’t let anyone arrange the place of things you have in your office-room. Your image memory will work better this way.

P.S: Don’t forget to have a suitable and comfortable chair so you don’t have long-term medical problems. Compare some chairs here.

Hope you will be able to work efficiently from home! Wasting no time for travelling to work is an amazing benefit for many people. While everything happening with the virus seems scary, it might be having some benefits for humanity too. We will see the results in the end.

Have fun!