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Utilities Coming With MonoSign’s New Version

Utilities Coming With MonoSign's New Version

MonoSign is a solution beyond Identity & Access Management. With the new version released we're keeping our promise and staying still beyond Identity & Access Management. Because security breaches evolve every day, businesses need new processes and digital evolution keeps going on full speed and creating various needs.

MonoSign's new version comes with many features to keep organizations up-to-date and secure.

Here are the list of new features and comparison with the old version.

Features / Modules MonoSign 1.0 MonoSign 2.0 (Live)
Single Sign-On (SSO) Yes Yes
Access Governance No Yes
Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) No Yes
Password Management No Yes
7/24 Operations No Yes
Self-Service Portal No Yes
Privilege Access Management (PAM) Ready No Yes
Access Restriction Policies No Yes
Approval Workflow No Yes
Real Time User Provisioning No Yes
Distributed and Scalable No Yes
IoT Initiatives No Yes
Access Review No Yes
Mobile Identity Authenticator App No Yes
Onboarding / Offboarding Governance No Yes
Identity as a Service (IaaS) Yes Yes
Private Cloud Architecture No Yes
Session Monitoring No Yes
Advanced Session Management No Yes
User Profile Sources Yes Yes
Audit Monitoring No Yes
MonoDirectory (Unified Directory for All Systems) No Yes
Comprehensive Reporting No Yes
Directory Connector Yes Yes
Multiple SSO Policies No Yes
User-Customizable SSO Portal No Yes
User Self-Service No Yes
Wide Support for SaaS Provisioning No Yes
Third-Party Multifactor Providers No Yes
Mobile SSO No Yes
SAML Authentication Yes Yes
Third-Party MDM Integration No Yes
Consumer-Facing IDM No Yes
Multiple Directory Integration Yes Yes
Password Sync No Yes
Profile Sync Yes Yes
Multi-Factor Authentication No Yes
Role Management No Yes
Segregation of Duties (SoD) / Toxic Role Management No Yes
Permission Management No Yes
Zone Management No Yes
Modern UI No Yes
Analytics Dashboard No Yes
Advanced Configuration Management No Yes
Application Access Request No Yes
Application User Agreements No Yes
Data Integrity Protection No Yes
System Level Data Encryption Masking No Yes
Webhooks No Yes