What is SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)?

SAML is an open communication standard of the identity provider (IdP) that transmits authenticated user information to the service provider.

What is a Shared Account?

Shared Account is an account type developed by MonoSign that enables organizations to manage social media accounts or accounts used for management of a certain application in a way that they can share with other users.

What is Single Sign-On?

SSO is a concept that allows you to access and use more than one service with a single user ID.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a system that increases account security by adding an extra security step when a user wants to access their account, requiring at least two or more types of authentication to prove the user identity.

What is a RADIUS Server and How is it Integrated?

When looked at it by definition, RADIUS is one of the application layer protocols that takes its initials from the definition of "Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service". It uses the Network UDP protocol as a communication method. And it uses the Server / Client architecture.

Directory for Business Software Distinguishes MonoSign with 2 Awards in Its Identity Management Software Category

There are thousands of software systems out in the market for various types of business industries. This makes it a difficult task for decision makers to make an informed choice regarding the best solution for their needs. To this end, we are pleased to announce that popular software review platform FinancesOnline gave a glowing recommendation of MonoSign.

Utilities Coming With MonoSign’s New Version

MonoSign is a solution beyond Identity & Access Management. With the new version released we're keeping our promise and staying still beyond Identity & Access Management. Because security breaches evolve every day, businesses need new processes and digital evolution keeps going on full speed and creating various needs.

How We Are Managing Our HA Environment on Google Cloud

Having High Availability High Scalability is important especially for the products offering solutions through SaaS infrastructure. Increase in the numbers of customers means more work for us, and if we don't build an infrastructure to lift his much work we would be wasting our sources.