Password Management

Password Management lets all kind of users to reset or change their passwords by themselves through the Self-Service Portal.

Password Management

Free up the Helpdesk

Fully automate the password management process with MonoSign. Free IT from endless password resets with Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On solutions. Leave the obstacles of the traditional office without leaving your security. Save your IT team from unnecessary stains:Cut routine helpdesk calls by up to 40%.

Maximize Security

Monofor offers fully configurable password policies to strengthen security through steady enforcement.


Save Time, Save Cost

Helpdesk calls for password reset add lots of operational expense — averaging $20 to $60 each. Which means a cost around $120000 to $360000 for an organization with 500 users yearly. (i)(This calculation is made with the assumption of a password changing every month)

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Ziraat bankasi is using Monofor products.Ziraat bankasi is using Monofor products.
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